Conexiones Earring N11

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Naked Pearls Conexiones Earrings N5

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Gold Plated Silver Naked Pearls Encapsulated Charm

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Gold Plated Naked Pearls Long Charm

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Naked Pearls Tic Tac Charm

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    Beyond the pearl’s comeback, this collection celebrates their organic imperfections with a revisited nostalgic vibe but a modern twist. Genderless, youthful, playful and fully repurposed. A mixture of recycled pearls from our archives: upcycled, irregular and with no rules for symmetry.A collection of simple yet cool assemblages in silver and 18 karat silver vermeil. From subtle ironies such as an encapsulated confetti of pearls inside a tic tac box to bold chokers and infinity necklaces.

Our Naked Pearls collection is all about recovering recycled pearls: a mixture of baroque, round, drop and stick cultured pearls in different sizes crafted on silver vermeil ringsearringscharms, chokers and necklaces or bracelets. Naked pearls in 925 sterling silver plated with 18-karat gold with a thickness of 3 to 5 microns designed and set by our atelier in Spain. Beyond the pearl jewelry trend, an experimental revision of classics.