Sterling Silver Naked Pearls Encapsulated Necklace

Sterling Silver Naked Pearls Encapsulated Necklace

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This mix of recycled flat and round pearls appears encapsulated as an exercise to redesign the classic pearl necklace. 925 sterling silver closure plate / 22 recycled round pearls Ø15mm / Length 45cm with rings 50 cm / SUOT S925 engraving.

Beyond the pearl, we celebrate recycled pearls: naked, upcycled, irregular and with no rules for symmetry.

Designed and manufactured by our Atelier in Spain.

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Materials & Care

Cleaning: To preserve the brightness of your pieces clean them often with a soft and dry cloth.

Storage: Keep each piece individually in a soft-lined jewelry box to avoid any scratch and protect them from dust. We recommend you to store them away from direct sunlight and ideally somewhere with low humidity to avoid tarnishing silver. 


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