14KT Lab Diamond Conexiones Earring N4

14KT Lab Diamond Conexiones Earring N4

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This Conexiones piece is composed by two 14-karat gold detachable plates connected by three lab grown diamonds: one brilliant diamond cut 0,17ct - 3,5mmØ, one princess cut 0.15ct - 3,35mmØ and one trilliant cut 0,15ct - 3,35mm. Hand-set one by one in our atelier./ SUOT G585 engraved./ This Earring contains one big 14-kt silicone “S” ear nut and two tube-shape silicone ear nut.

Designed to be worn as a whole jewelery piece, or not. We invite you to deattach each of the Earrings and combine them as you wish, wearing it up & down, just one of the plates on your right ear and the brilliant cut Earring on the left up to you.

Designed and manufactured by our Atelier in Spain.

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Materials & Care

Contrast: 585/000
Weight : 3.01gr

Laboratory grown diamonds
Cut: Brillant cut
Quantity: 1
CT: 0.17
Cut: Princess cut
Quantity: 1
CT: 0.17
Cut: Trilliant cut
Quantity: 1
CT: 0.15

Cleaning: To preserve the brightness of your pieces clean them often with a soft and dry cloth.

Storage: Keep each piece individually in a soft-lined jewelry box to avoid any scratch and protect them from dust. We recommend you to store them away from direct sunlight and ideally somewhere with low humidity to avoid tarnishing silver. 


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